Annual Meeting 2023

Our Annual Meeting will be Saturday, February 4, with Barbara Bauer presenting the program “Historic Homes of Middleton.” It’s going to be an interesting program with photos and narration explaining the results of her historic survey of the downtown Middleton area, and some ideas for how to preserve and protect these resources.

At the Annual Meeting, we will also be electing officers for 2023. We are looking for a new treasurer, so if you are interested, please join us! Our current treasurer will be around to help answer any questions and get the newly appointed treasurer caught up with her excellent notes. There is not a lot of financial business, but records are important since we are a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. We hire a tax accountant to do the return and a quick audit each year, so the duties would not include filing a tax return. Please consider if you have a small amount of time you could commit to the Society to be our money manager.

You may also choose to join us as a volunteer. This is an incredible way to put your time back into your local area. You can sit in with us during our meetings, help us plan and facilitate programs, and spend your Saturday with us at the Lee Moberly museum. We are looking to extend our open Saturdays, so please let your friends and family know about this opportunity!

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