A New Look at Old Middleton! Preserving Local History

The picture provided is of the Chaney house, on the east side of N. Dewey, around 1910.

Thriving towns are made up of newcomers and long-time residents; one searching for a place to grow roots, the other sustaining the roots planted by their forebears. In the last year, Middleton has said hello to many new residents and has said goodbye to some who helped make Middleton the town it is.

Marty Galvin, the grandson of Middleton homesteaders, spent most of his eighty-nine years in or around Middleton. During the time his family lived near Emmett, he would ride his horse to help his Grandma Chaney and Uncle Sam Chaney on the family farm on north Dewey. He attended high school in Middleton and played football and basketball; he graduated in 1950. He served in the Navy during the Korean War and returned to Middleton to farm as soon as he could. 

He brought his bride with him, Pat Carpenter Galvin, to join him on the farm, transplanting her from her Caldwell home. The Galvins quickly settled into Middleton life and raised their family of three girls here, Cindee, Gloree, and Sandee. Farming is hard work with long hours, but the couple made time for community service as well. Marty was on ditch boards and the Water District, participated in local politics, helped establish the Middleton Kiwanis Club, and relaxed when he could with the Caldwell Elks Lodge and at Meridian Speedway. 

In addition to working on the farm, and raising their daughters, Pat was also a member of Eastern Star Lodge, Canyon County Republicans, Idaho DAR, served on Canyon County Planning and Zoning, and was elected County Commissioner for two four-year terms.

Six generations of this family have now made Middleton their home. Hard work, family, and service to the community defined this deeply-rooted couple, and they will be missed. 

As we lose those who helped create this place we now call “home,” it is important to preserve their stories so our history can be remembered and celebrated.

2 thoughts on “A New Look at Old Middleton! Preserving Local History

  1. Its a sad day to lose any of our community members especially ones so active in making Middleton a great place to live. Marty & Pat were very involved in helping with local development issues and Community events. They were instrumental in getting North Middleton road connected to Hwy 44 by allowing old Middleton rd. to be rerouted through there farm. As a county Commissioner Pat signed the act that completed the creation of our current Park and Rec. Dist. and her an Marty assisted with many of the Districts events throughout the years. There involvement has been passed down thru there family, and will continue to help Middleton in the years to come. It would be nice to see a lasting memorial to them such as renaming old Middleton rd. to Galvin Rd.


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