A New Look At Old Middleton!

Mass transit in Middleton? Yes, in 1907! An electric trolley, the “Interurban”, ran from Boise to Caldwell through Middleton and Star along what is now Highway 44. In 1909 tracks were laid from Boise along Ustick Road to Nampa. Finally, in 1911 a line was completed between Caldwell and Nampa completing a loop, popular for both business and pleasure. Students commuted to the College of Idaho, fruit from orchards west of Middleton was taken to market, and young people could spend a day “looping the loop.” Was this the precursor to today’s cruising?
Power for the Interurban came from Swan Falls. The electric lines required for the trolley also provided a modern opportunity for electrical power for businesses and residences in Middleton, making it one of the earliest towns to be so richly provided in the area.
Want to know more? Make sure you join us for our Annual Meeting on February 12th at the Trolley Station at 2:00 PM

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